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Lumin Journal 4 (print)

Two collages, "The Waiting Room" and a poem, "&", (February 2022)

Prototype 3 (print)

Gravity Bubbles by Marcus Slease, Calliope Michail and Chris Gutkind, (July 2021) 

'Bambi Woods Presents: crops'

exhibited at Ergo Collective & Space52 (May 20th-30th, 2021)

Gravity Bubbles by Marcus Slease, Calliope Michail and Chris Gutkind

A collaboration from the first UK lockdown

on The Babel Tower Notice Board, (March 2021) 

Digital Poetics #9 Solastalgia: Calliope Michail​

on The Hythe, (June 2020)

Science Poems, by Penteract Press (print)
Two poems, (March 2020)

Snow Lit Rev, Issue 8 (print)
Two poems, (January 2020)

'X' on A Poem A Week Podcast
(December 7th, 2019)

The Nature of the Physical Word II
Four visual poems on Datableedzine Issue 12, (September 2019)

Transposed, after Anna Auzina
Pamenar Press Online Magazine, (August 2019)

The Nature of the Physical Word I (print)
Leaflet of two visual poems published by Penteract Press, (June 2019)

Along Mosaic Roads (print)
Poetry chapbook published with The87press, (September 2018) 


Snow Lit Rev:  (print)
Four poems in Issue 5
Translations of three poems by Haris Psarras (Greek to English) in Issue 6


"Interview on Care & Carelessness"

Translation, Greek to English
A conversation between iLiana Fokianaki and Maria Louka on squatting and transforming abandoned spaces into shelters. 

Commissioned and edited by the editors

in Arts of the Working Class, Issue 14 (December 2020)

Voiceworks Reviews [2]

in Tentacular (October 2020)

Calliope Michail Reviews AWP
for Berfrois (May 2019)


US2 - a 24 hour performance in 4 reviews
in Tentacular (March 2019)


Interview of Calliope Michail by Vlad Savich  
in Queen Mobs Teahouse Teh Book (March 2019)

“Καστοριάδης και Άντερσον: σημειώσεις για τις νέες φαντασιακές
κοινότητες του χρηματοοικονομικού καπιταλισμού”
Translation, English to Greek: an essay by Dr. Aris Komporozos-Athanasiou

Published in the essay anthology:  Η Σκέψη του Κορνήλιου Καστοριάδη και η Σημασία της για μας Σήμερα (ΕΥΡΑΣΙΑ, Athens, December 2018)

Berfrois Interviews Dimitris Lyacos
(November 2018)

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